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I'm Sarah.

Content Writer and Brand Messaging Coach for Creatives and Small, Plant-Based Businesses

Content writing that is packed with personality and shows off your authentic self.


You’re a creative person who puts so much love into your work. You want to show that passion in a clear, yet organic way online.

You want your creative pursuits to be your full-time focus.

But in a competitive field, it’s hard to find stability.

Your website and social pages are stale and all over the place because finding the time to figure out your “point of view” sounds exhausting. You’re not wishy-washy, but you worry you give off that impression.

Your family keeps asking you if you’ve landed a Netflix original, or franchising yet. Every win you do make seems like it doesn’t phase them, as they ask you once more if you’ve considered just getting a “regular joe job.”

I get it. Posting on social media can feel cheesy and sleazy.


Here are a few top complaints:

You’re overwhelmed by the words “social media calendar.” And don’t get me started on hashtags!

You’re worried that blogs are soooo 2012, and you missed the boat on starting one up. With everything you’re trying to keep on top of, content writing and creation feels onerous.

You want to draw  in your ideal audience, rather than tirelessly trying to seek them out. You want content that works for you, and doesn’t conflict with your values.

You want higher engagement; both for your site and social platforms.

I hear you. And I believe in you. This is totally possible!

You deserve content that’s engaging and memorable.

The trick? Releasing your dazzling instinct.

Hi, I'm Sarah Kaufmann, content writer and branding coach for creatives and small plant-based businesses.

Being a theatre artist, I’m passionate about changing the phrase “starving artist” to “thriving artist.” I support creatives (and passionate business) in their journey of discovering their online voice, by honing in on their passion and personality to create content that allows them to shine.


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