About Sarah Kaufmann

Content Writer and Brand Messaging Coach for Creatives and Small, Plant-Based Businesses.

You’re overwhelmed with maintaining an online presence, without compromising your offline business.

You’re worried that you missed the boat on starting a blog because “every imaginable topic has been covered.”

You feel frustrated with the idea behind branding yourself because you’re a human being and not a commodity.

I hear you.

I’m Sarah Kaufmann, and I’ve been there too.

I am a content writer and brand messaging coach for creatives and small plant-based businesses who feel overwhelmed by creating and maintaining an online presence.

I focus on any writing needs; from blogs to video scripts, to even cover letters. My quest is for them to shine.


Where my saga begins...

Growing up, I knew exactly the person I would eventually be. At the ripe age of 9, I knew I was destined to become the first *elected* woman Prime Minister of Canada. I even wrote a poem about this goal, and shared it at my town’s fall fair poetry competition. I was going to make my parents proud, and study hard to be a lawyer. I had already started reading the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms when I was 11, so I was making pretty great headway…

Until one summer, I was cast as Tevye’s youngest daughter in a production of Fiddler on the Roof.

I fell in love with the entire experience. The people, the show, the set design, the costumes, the music. It was then that I realized what I desired most was to work in the arts. And the idea of telling that to my family and teachers was terrifying. 

*Anxiety Mosquito enters stage left*

It was around this time when the Anxiety Mosquito first started visiting (thanks to Big Mouth for that analogy). I was scared to even be seen. In conversation I could never get a word in edgewise, nor could I process what was being said quick enough to say anything clever.

Then one day, my English teacher encouraged me to join the Slam Poetry Club that she ran, and to write my first piece. I wrote about my social anxiety, and while writing, the words were flying out of my hand. I’d written the entire thing within the span of 15 minutes. 

My inner power was ignited.

When I did my poem at the club meeting, it was the first time I truly felt empowered. It was the first time when I felt seen, and I could prove to the people around me that underneath my quiet exterior, I was bursting with ideas and raw feelings.

My life became a push and pull between the arts and academia. I loved them both, but by the end of Grade 12, I knew I had to pick one. So I jumped right into the world of Musical Theatre and moved from the quaint and peaceful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, to the bustling and exciting city of Toronto. 


A taste of bittersweetness

While I was at school, I learned about various aspects of theatre that I’d never considered before. I discovered a whole world within this interest that I thought I’d known so much about.

And while I adored learning these things, and meeting beautiful people that I'm honoured to be friends with, I couldn’t help but feel this pull that I was missing something. I missed writing essays, and researching. While I was known in my cohort as a writer, I felt ashamed to completely embrace that.


Suddenly every ounce of confidence I'd gained, crumbled.

Then came college graduation, and not even two weeks later did I survive a traumatic event which skyrocketed my anxiety, and introduced me to PTSD. I thought I could never feel true happiness again. I was numb. Luckily, I started to rekindle my relationship with my journal, and I started writing poems again. It was the solace I longed for.

Healing isn’t linear, but time does wonders.

Not too long after, I wrote my first article in years. A piece on navigating faith in a secular society, which was published by a student-run paper at the University of Toronto. I started to feel the barebones of normalcy once again.

Friends approached me to edit their work. It was both an honour and a complete thrill. 


I traveled to Italy to be an English tutor at summer camps across the North. While that was absolutely terrifying, it reinstated my love of words. But it seemed like becoming a “real” writer was far-fetched without the traditional training. 

Nevertheless, I was determined to write in my own right. I performed my first theatrical piece of writing all about the non-linear journey of healing that comes along with PTSD, which ended up being my last in-person performance before Covid-19 hit.


Bushwhacking my own path.

During quarantine, I quickly found that the moments giving me the most joy were the ones where I was researching new things, and writing about my findings. I realized that I didn’t have to simply be one thing: a writer or a performer. I could be both without feeling as if I were abandoning one or the other.

It wasn’t until I heard what a content writer was that I realized what I wanted to do. To be able to help other people find their voice through writing, and to be seen.

That’s why I now work with creatives and small businesses to find their spotlight online. I believe in leaning into their own uniqueness and wisdom to find the joy in creating content that makes them shine.

Release your dazzling instinct

I would be honoured to collaborate with you on your online adventures. 


Are you ready to rest easy, knowing that you have someone in your corner? I’ll create engaging content to build a community with your audience. 

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